In today's fast changing world of technology, Creative Stone Systems has developed a breakthrough in the flooring industry. By combining stone with custom blended polymers, we have achieved a powerful product making it ideal for both residential & commercial markets. Our two part polymers, comprised of strikingly natural river rock & UV resistant components, provide a wide variety of application possibilities. Through utilizing a deeply rich & stunning color format, this newfound approach will accommodate the most complex company logos and graphic designs. Architects & interior designers now have a practical and unmatched product of quality, flexibility and durability to meet all their creative needs.

Creative Stone Systems is a unique poured in place natural stone flooring system that is used over existing concrete. Designed for swimming pool decks, patios, walkways, and stairs, for indoor and outdoor applications.

The product is poured in place, on site, at 1/2" to 5/8" thick. Product can be poured up to 4-5" thick as necessary to make any unlevel surface completely level, eliminating any and all trip hazards. Creative Stone Systems saves the consumer 60% to 70% compared to the alternatives of ripping out and replacing existing cracked, spalding, damaged concrete or stamped concrete overlays with more concrete or paver products. Creative Stone Systems is completely seamless and has no visible expansion joints. Our unique proprietary system bridges the cracks in concrete by restoring the original PSI strength with a liquid rubberized membrane system, which waterproofs the concrete preventing future cracks, then followed by an anti-fracture 1/8" thick rubber reinforced polyethylene wire system.

Whether the project is indoor or outdoor, intricate or simple, small or vast, Creative Stone Systems will accomplish a custom design with long lasting & striking results. Once your project is complete you will have a distinctively unique & attractive new floor that will increase the value of your property. Creative Stone Systems guarantees that you will not only see superior results from our product but also enjoy the satisfaction of having your own design created in stone for many years to come!